Labor-Management Conferences

Michael Loconto
1 min readJan 17, 2023
My labor-management conference travels in 2023. (map created at

NEW RESOURCE: is a live listing of labor-management conferences across the US.

In 2022, the labor-management world reopened for in-person conferences and meetings. I took 30 flights and traveled 18,237 miles, visiting with colleagues in Connecticut, D.C., Georgia, Illinois, Maryland, Minnesota, Missouri, Montana, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, and more through virtual events in Arizona, California, and Virginia. We also restarted the LERA chapter in Boston. In 2023, I am planning to visit in-person events in California, Colorado, D.C., Florida, Michigan, New York, Pennsylvania and Washington state, with more to come.

As a service to our colleagues in the labor-management community, I have created this resource to centralize information about in-person and virtual conference and meeting opportunities. I hope this resource is helpful to you; please share it with your colleagues and send me any additions or corrections at Thanks!




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