Home: Boston, MA. Birthplace: Hollywood, Florida. Profession: Arbitrator and attorney. Organization: Loconto ADR and Fenway Law.

Current project: On-demand general counsel for tech startups and emerging businesses; arbitrator and mediator for workers, unions and employers. Recent professional development: Currently apprenticing with two distinguished arbitrators in the field of labor relations…

Biden Administration Revisions, New State Law and Continued Judicial Interpretation Mark Evolving Nature of Campus Sexual Assault Prevention Efforts for Public and Private Colleges and Universities in the Commonwealth

Title IX Administrators have endured a whirlwind of change over the last eighteen months, from implementing the 2020 revisions to the…

West Roxbury Main Streets Program #Hungry2Help Boosts Sales at 12 Neighborhood Businesses, Raises Over $3,200 for Boston-Area Food Pantries

People next to donations in a food pantry

In an era of declining sales for small businesses and rising hunger due to the COVID-19 pandemic, West Roxbury Main Streets, business owners, and neighborhood residents came together to launch the Hungry to Help promotion earlier this year.

Hungry to Help was based on a simple idea from Johnny Fortin…

Professor Questioned College’s LGBTQ+ Policies in Promotion Denial; SJC Applies Two Recent Supreme Court Decisions on Ministerial Exception

Last month, the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court declined to apply the ministerial exception and shield a religious college from liability in a faculty member’s discrimination claim.

In DeWeese-Boyd v. Gordon Coll., No. 12988 (Mass. Sup. Jud. Ct. Mar. 5, 2021), the court heard argument on “the ministerial exception, which prohibits…

Michael Loconto

Boston's on-demand general counsel for startups and SMBs, specialized in contracts, investigation & compliance. Neutral arbitrator & mediator for the workplace.

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